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IFI AC IPurifier

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En mycket bra och billig uppgradering för att förbättra strömmen i din anläggning. Bäst blir det genom att sätta en i uttaget bredvid din strömlist, samt en till nära inkommande ström i din strömlist. Ger bättre upplösning och svärta till musiken. IFI visar även om polariteten är rätt, samt att du kan använda den som jordnings punkt. Motverkar kryp strömmar och dålig jord.

When you listen to music there’s a lot of background noise going on. Some noise cannot be missed but there’s also some that is not immediately obvious until it has gone. It mainly comes from your power supply and interference from other devices.

Bring the AC iPurifier into your set-up and you’ll notice the difference instantly.

Music you once thought was clear takes on a new life, filtering out noise you never knew was there and leaving you with pure, undiluted sound.

Rekommenderas alla, mycket bra produkt!

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The AC iPurifier draws from French military engineering and includes:

  • Active Noise Cancellation To cancel all incoming mains noise and with a chassis made from polyurethane plastic, the AC iPurifier is not only powerful, it’s tough too.

Cleans up noisy mains supplies. It ACTIVELY cancels noise. The AC iPurifier cancels far more noise across the frequency range than other passive products.

Active filtration is MUCH better at -40dB and effective across the frequency range as this graph shows.

A passive purifier filters only in the very top-end of the frequency range.


By generating a signal identical to the noise signal but in the exact opposite phase, our Active Noise Cancellation® (ANC) actively cancels all incoming noise!


Modern audio systems have a plethora of mains plugs. Each of these add unwanted noise issues and pollute the local mains supply.

You can insert into the AC mains wall outlet that supplies the audio system OR insert into the mains extension block for the audio system.

The design of the AC iPurifier is such that it is even more effective if several are used to ‘contain’ the same type of noisy sources.

Try in different locations to discover which has offers the most improved sonics.


Wireless Purification System.

This reduces noise without audible side effects. It does not hinder dynamics.


Intelligent Ground Connection.

It only actively provides an earth/ground if your system needs one. It will not create a ground loop.


Smart Polarity and Earth Connection.

Insert into your system to check polarity.

Red – incorrect. Green – good to go.


Saves your system!

If it detects a power surge it will automatically cut off, protecting your valuable and highly sensitive equipment from harm.


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  1. Mathias

    En billig uppgradering som fungerar, ger både hjälp att lösa jord problem samt gör att du får bättre svärta och klarhet i signalen. Lyft din grenkontakt till nya nivåer.

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